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Your presentations, flyers and posters speak for you wherever they go and color makes you look like a pro.
It brings your ideas to life and underscores the quality of your products or services.

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What Our Customers Say

“Decidedly and surely a company and service to be hired, both for quality, availability and speed in delivery and search for solutions”

Rui de Lima

“Printoo is the best online graphic printing company on the market, and the attention they have always given us has made them become not only suppliers, but great partners for our business.”

João Pereira

“Professionalism and speed in the delivery of the requested work. It arrived fast and just as it was intended.”

Carla Veloso


Copying And Printing Center

Transform your project into a finished piece. We can print and design just about anything from signs and banners to brochures, promotional products and forms, with options of variable data printing, web-to-print and customized online ordering.

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Printing Services Frequently Asked Questions

Making an order at printoo is simple and fast!
Choose the product you want and then choose all your specifications from the dimension to the finish.
Then you have 3 ways to create your products:
Upload: If you already have a file with what you want to print in a ready-to-print format (PDF or JPEG), simply upload that file, preview the product and order. Template: If you want a high quality printing product and with maximum speed in its creation this is the solution more indicated. Just select one of our Templates, complete with your data and add the images you want.

If you have already confirmed your order, you can not cancel or change the order. In order for the order to be delivered within a very short period of time, orders are immediately processed, preventing any changes or cancellations. Therefore, make sure that the preview you have is fully as you want to receive the product.

Virtually all errors that arise can be solved simply and quickly. We advise you to read our printing manual to best solve all problems. If you can not solve your problem, please contact us.

It is impossible to guarantee a perfect similarity between the colors of different devices and the color that is printed. There are several factors for this to happen.

First of all the color system of your screen is RGB and most likely your printer will be. Our printing is done in four-color (CMYK) to create a product with higher quality of color. This makes it very difficult to ensure that the color you see on one system is the same color you see on another system or printed. There are even colors that are impossible to reproduce between systems.   Secondly, the very color you are currently viewing on your screen is different if you view it on a screen of another brand and in some cases even on screens of the same brand. Hence, it is impossible for us to know what colors you are actually viewing on your screen.   So what we do is create a system as robust as possible that prints with a high degree of similarity, but we can not guarantee that the colors are the same.

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