How to make my order?

Making an order at printoo is simple and fast! Choose the product you want and then choose all your specifications from the dimension to the finish. Then you have 3 ways to create your products: Upload: If you already have a file with what you want to print in a ready-to-print format (PDF or JPEG), simply upload that file, preview the product and order. Template: If you want a high quality printing product and with maximum speed in its creation this is the solution more indicated. Just select one of our Templates, complete with your data and add the images you want.

How can I cancel or change my order?

If you have already confirmed your order, you can not cancel or change the order. In order for the order to be delivered within a very short period of time, orders are immediately processed, preventing any changes or cancellations. Therefore, make sure that the preview you have is fully as you want to receive the product.

After creating my product, errors appear. How can I resolve it?

Virtually all errors that arise can be solved simply and quickly. We advise you to read our printing manual to best solve all problems. If you can not solve your problem, please contact us.

Why the color of the product I see on my screen is different from the product I received?

It is impossible to guarantee a perfect similarity between the colors of different devices and the color that is printed. There are several factors for this to happen. First of all the color system of your screen is RGB and most likely your printer will be. Our printing is done in four-color (CMYK) to create a product with higher quality of color. This makes it very difficult to ensure that the color you see on one system is the same color you see on another system or printed. There are even colors that are impossible to reproduce between systems. Secondly, the very color you are currently viewing on your screen is different if you view it on a screen of another brand and in some cases even on screens of the same brand. Hence, it is impossible for us to know what colors you are actually viewing on your screen. So what we do is create a system as robust as possible that prints with a high degree of similarity, but we can not guarantee that the colors are the same.

How can I pay?

Payments can be made by: For now payments can be made by bank transfer.

What is the deadline for production and delivery?

For your satisfaction, we have at your disposal several options regarding the production deadline: Up to 8 business days (base price); Up to 3 working days (+ 3% of the price of the product, minimum of 1.99 €); 0 working hours (+ 15% of the price of the product, minimum of 4.99 €);

Delivery in 48h

By choosing the urgent production term, we ensure that the order is delivered to you within 48 business hours or, in the case of finished or extra products, within 72 business hours.

Shipping Offer Campaign

The “Shipping Offer” campaign consists of the return of the costs of sending the order to the customer account Printoo, after confirming the payment of the order. The value will be available for use in new orders for 89 days. To use the available balance simply click on “Use balance” in step 3 of the cart before completing a purchase. This campaign is activated on the first purchase and on any purchase 90 days after the credit has been made to the customer account. The campaign is valid on any delivery option, but the value returned in the customer account is always the value corresponding to the most economical shipping option.

What to do if the order has any manufacturing defect?

We strive to ensure 100% satisfaction. Thus, in case of damage or defect of the product, Printoo receives it back without any impediments to the return provided that the product is not as defined in the preview and the error is not any of those that are in the sheet of alerts. We will then send another production order so that another product can be printed at no additional cost. If this happens then contact the Printoo team via our contact form. We guarantee that, what client prefaces and accepts is what will be delivered to you. Errors that were already in the generated preview, such as off-the-border text or text formatting, are the responsibility of the customer, can not be imputed to Printoo. For more information see our alerts guide.

How long do I have to return de product?

In case the product is not in the preview, it is sufficient, within fourteen (14) days after receiving the product, to send the product to us under the conditions in which it was received and to request an exchange or refund, specifying the reason returned in the completed investigation. You should attach to the survey a digital image of the product. Thus, the exchange or refund of the request can be made as soon as we receive your contact.

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